SAGROPIA explores the efficacy of single, biological, low-risk solutions based on plant and microbial extracts and microorganisms in replacing and / or reducing one or more chemical pesticides against the respective target pests under controlled greenhouse conditions.

SAGROPIA will obtain information on the relative activity of 13 biocontrol solutions for controlling target pests and diseases in potato and sugar beet, compared to CfS and other chemical pesticides. This is needed to develop novel integrated pest management strategies.

SAGROPIA will upscale/formulate five biopesticides based on plant extracts or microbials, study the mode of action of eight solutions and study the toxicological profile of four. The aim is to have semi-commercial production scale and similar information for all 13 solutions.

Evaluating the currently used IPM strategies for sugar beet and potato, the consortium plans to develop alternative IPM strategies incorporating SAGROPIA solutions, to replace or reduce CfS and other chemical pesticides. Strategies are developed using a multi-actor approach (MAA) to ensure practical relevance.

Developed strategies will be tested in small field trials to choose the most promising ones. These trials will be conducted in 5 countries over 3 years for each crop.

The final product is a grower’s guide on best-practice, novel IPM strategies for potato and sugar beet.


We are thrilled to unveil the dynamic partners uniting for this project whose diverse expertise and shared passion promise to elevate our aspirations to new heights …